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Twelve Minutes / HVILINA- Limited Edition Watch Collection

  17.08.2023   Luis Antonio   No comments

It’s been quite a while since this side project has been in the works, but today we are happy to announce that pre-orders for a Limited Edition Watch Collection, in

Coming to Playstation and Switch on December 7!

  23.11.2021   Luis Antonio   No comments

Roughly three months have passed since the release of this title and following all the reviews, discussions, and feedback has been heartwarming. On top of that, I’m also super stoked


  19.08.2021   Luis Antonio   1 Comment

Twelve Minutes has been a labor of love and I’m happy to share that it’s out now worldwide and you can get it on Xbox or Steam. You can watch

Official Poster

  25.06.2021   Luis Antonio   12 Comments

  As you might know, I’m a pretty big movie fan and Twelve Minutes has been inspired by the work of the masters that crystallized the psychological thriller genre. Hitchcock,

Tribeca Film Festival & Release Date

  13.06.2021   Luis Antonio   16 Comments

Tribeca Official Selection For the first time ever, the Tribeca Film Festival added video games among its Official Selections, and we are one of the eight titles that have been

What’s left to do?

  8.01.2021   Luis Antonio   16 Comments

As we recently mentioned on our Twitter (@12minutesgame), we are aiming to release our title in 2021. With that being said, what is left to do? Today I hope to

The Cast – McAvoy, Ridley and Dafoe

  23.10.2020   Luis Antonio   9 Comments

At the end of August, during Gamescom: Opening Night Live, we shared this project’s last major puzzle piece. The incredibly talented cast that will lend their voices to Twelve Minutes’

Recording the Voices

  26.07.2020   Luis Antonio   10 Comments

Over the last few months, we’ve been preparing and recording the dialogue lines for the three main characters. Like many other aspects of this project, this is my first time

Animation & Voice Acting

  2.12.2019   Luis Antonio   10 Comments

A lot has happened since the trailer debut at E3 in June and the feedback we’ve received since then has been warmingly positive, with two awards that stand out, the

Creating the trailer

  19.06.2019   Luis Antonio   6 Comments

Last week was an important milestone for Twelve Minutes. We revealed the trailer to the world at E3 2019,  with the goal of providing a glimpse of how this interactive

Official Trailer

  9.06.2019   Luis Antonio   8 Comments

I’m very happy to share with you that Twelve Minutes has just been officially announced today, during the 2019 Xbox E3 Briefing: In this experience, you take the role

End of the tunnel

  12.03.2019   Luis Antonio   10 Comments

The last few months have been focused on wrapping up any loose ends as we reach the last stretch of development. I’ve been mostly creating lots of spreadsheets, flowcharts and

Understanding Empathy

  28.06.2018   Luis Antonio   7 Comments

Imagine you are walking on the street and step on dog poop. You then see the owner strolling away with the dog, without a care in the world. Would you

Motion-capture & Locomotion

  7.12.2017   Luis Antonio   4 Comments

The way your avatar moves in a game is probably one of the most important aspects of a smooth gaming experience and the foundation for all the other animations that

Apartment visuals

  22.09.2017   Luis Antonio   4 Comments

For the last three years, I had to remind myself that the current art was just placeholder and stop myself from trying to make it prettier. As the game design

The bigger picture – Visualizing Character Behaviour

  15.06.2017   Luis Antonio   2 Comments

As the game grew in complexity over the last 6 months, it reached a saturation point where it became impossible for me to be aware of all the ramifications that

Twelve Minutes will be at E3 2017 – LIVE on Twitch this Sunday!

  9.06.2017   Luis Antonio   2 Comments

  In case you didn’t know, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) the biggest gaming event of the year is just around the corner and I’ll be showing Twelve Minutes during the Twitch

Who is creating Twelve Minutes?

  8.04.2017   Luis Antonio   2 Comments

I’m very glad to finally be able to share the details of the people that are helping Twelve Minutes become a reality! Writing this post made me realize how lucky

Westworld and the search for consciousness.

  15.12.2016   Luis Antonio   1 Comment

As I mentioned in the previous post, Twelve Minutes was on display at the excellent ‘Day of the Devs’ organized by fine folks at Double Fine and iam8bit. I wanted to

Twelve Minutes playable at Double Fine’s Day of the Devs!

  29.10.2016   Luis Antonio   No comments

  Every year, the awesome folks at Double Fine (Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, Broken Age) and iam8bit organize the excellent free event, ‘Day of the Devs’, for fans of Independent Games, right