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Twelve Minutes has been a labor of love and I’m happy to share that it’s out now worldwide and you can get it on Xbox or Steam.
You can watch the launch trailer here:

We’re also releasing an Original Soundtrack by the talented composer Neil Bones.
You can also get it on Steam and a couple of other places or listen to it on your favorite music streaming service:

Over the last year, we thought it would be cool to document some of this process (kinda like the development blog does) but more in the tone of Twelve Minutes. Directed by the ReplayCollective, you can watch a “Making Of” Featurette here:

Creating this experience was a huge team effort. You can find is a list of everyone involved in this awesome project here.

Inspired by classical point-and-click games, Twelve Minutes is a game about knowledge, how we accumulate it, and how we can apply it to change an outcome or solve a puzzle. Whether it’s by listening, reacting, making mistakes, or failing, valuable knowledge will always be obtained that can help you progress later. Sometimes, doing nothing is as valid as doing something.

Thank you – and I hope you enjoy the experience.


“12 Minutes is a point-and-click adventure in a clockwork world that’s as expertly crafted as a Swiss watch.”

“Twelve Minutes Is a Diabolical Dive Into the Human Psyche”

“‘Twelve Minutes’ is a point-and-click adventure worth repeating”

“This stylish, twisted take on movies such as Rear Window and Chinatown marries noir sensibilities with puzzle gameplay”




  • Coleman
    August 22, 2021, 2:29 pm

    Hey thank you for an amazing adventure. This game has taken me through every emotion and is a truly moving work! Well worth the wait!