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PAX East 2015 – How did it go?

  11.03.2015   Luis Antonio   2 Comments

PAX East has just ended and as I return to San Francisco, before I forget anything, I feel its a great time to go over the whole event. I would


  23.02.2015   Luis Antonio   4 Comments

As the prototype of TWELVE MINUTES gets more refined I feel now is the best time to have the world take a look at it. How will it survive being played

Dialog choices

  16.02.2015   Luis Antonio   4 Comments

This morning I read a post on Tom Francis blog about conversations in games and I realized that all the iterations that I’ve done for dialogues in TWELVE MINUTES could make an

The phone

  30.01.2015   Luis Antonio   No comments

As I mentioned in my last post, I finally managed to have a working mobile phone in the game. This was a planned feature since the start and I use

One hour a day, every single day!

  21.12.2014   Luis Antonio   3 Comments

As the year comes to an end and I look back at the development of Twelve Minutes I remembered something that I feel is worth sharing. Three years ago, when I moved

Accessibility and Top Down View

  24.11.2014   Luis Antonio   3 Comments

I’ve been asked a couple of times why did I decide to make Twelve Minutes top down. Besides aesthetic and thematic reasons, one of my main goals was accessibility. About 2 years ago,

Indiecade & IGF 2015

  23.10.2014   Luis Antonio   No comments

Two weeks ago I attended Indiecade for the first time. There were a few people interested in seeing the prototype and I was told it was a great place to start meeting the

Why Twelve Minutes?

  26.08.2014   Luis Antonio   No comments

Most story oriented videogames are, in a way, time-loops. Whenever you fail, you go back to the start and are forced to repeat the same task over and over until you

Current Goals & Adventure Games

  16.08.2014   Luis Antonio   No comments

For this post I would like to cover the state of the prototype and what I have in mind for the next months. My previous goal was to get a

Detailing the world

  4.08.2014   Luis Antonio   8 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I finally managed to get all the key story elements in the prototype. You can now, for the first time, play the game from start

The Apartment

  21.05.2014   Luis Antonio   2 Comments

For this post I’ll try to show the process for defining where the game takes place. My original idea was to have it to be set in a small US