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Westworld and the search for consciousness.

  15.12.2016   Luis Antonio   1 Comment

As I mentioned in the previous post, Twelve Minutes was on display at the excellent ‘Day of the Devs’ organized by fine folks at Double Fine and iam8bit. I wanted to

Twelve Minutes playable at Double Fine’s Day of the Devs!

  29.10.2016   Luis Antonio   No comments

  Every year, the awesome folks at Double Fine (Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, Broken Age) and iam8bit organize the excellent free event, ‘Day of the Devs’, for fans of Independent Games, right

Fully Playable Game (again!)

  10.10.2016   Luis Antonio   3 Comments

The games I worked on when I was employed in AAA studios, were developed with every department (e.g. Art, Programming, Design) operating in parallel. I’ve often compared this experience to

Vacations, Stress and Inventory items.

  13.08.2016   Luis Antonio   3 Comments

After finishing and releasing The Witness I went straight into Twelve Minutes without taking a break. Everyone told me not to do so, to at least get a mental gap

Working remotely, ragdolls and root motion

  18.07.2016   Luis Antonio   No comments

One of the unexpected perks of working on your own project is that I’m no longer limited to work from the same place. My wife is a teacher and she gets very

Trusting the player & Trusting your game

  7.06.2016   Luis Antonio   4 Comments

Personally, one of the most impressive aspects of movie making, is how it’s able to use every single technique, from camera movement, to set design, pacing, acting, colors, etc. to convey a message

Twelve Minutes – Now a full time project!

  16.04.2016   Luis Antonio   4 Comments

Three years ago, while working full-time as an artist on The Witness, I began learning to program in order to prototype my idea for a game involving time loops. Back

Babies and Game Design

  4.04.2016   Luis Antonio   3 Comments

In case you are wondering, the reason for the lack of Twelve Minutes related posts, is that during the last few months my free time has been taken with the

Oh, so you also do art on the side?

  8.02.2016   Luis Antonio   No comments

As I explained in my previous post, ‘The Witness’ just got released, and now that the game is out for some time I’ve been updating my portfolio with my work

The Witness is out now!

  27.01.2016   Luis Antonio   1 Comment

In case you are wondering why the lack of posts recently, for the last 4 years, I’ve been working with Jonathan Blow, doing the art for a game called ‘The