Oh, so you also do art on the side?

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As I explained in my previous post, ‘The Witness’ just got released, and now that the game is out for some time I’ve been updating my portfolio with my work on that project.
I’ve come to realize that 4 years of full time work on a indie studio means a LOT of artwork to be shared! Since we don’t have the usual AAA privacy restrictions and I can go into detail about what my contributions were, I’ve been sorting through all the stuff (which is a LOT!) and organizing it in a way I can share with the world.

I’ve released 8 sections so far and as time permits, I’ll do the rest over the next weeks:

How does it relate with Twelve Minutes? Well first it’s the same guy doing both games (me), and secondly, it should make it even more clear that the way the game looks like right now is definitely temporary and will be a LOT better once it’s out!
With that in mind, you can go to ‘The Witness’ section on my portfolio for all the details and in the meantime, enjoy the gallery below, with screenshots from the sections I was responsible. (probably won’t work on e-mail feed):
[justified_image_grid flickr_user=29078707@N00 flickr_photoset=72157630283781662 flickr_description=no]