What is Twelve Minutes?

ME: “You know Groundhog day?”
YOU: “Yes.”
ME: “Ok, so it’s the same idea.”
ME: “You come home from work and have dinner with your wife. A cop shows up, beats you up and you pass out.”
ME: “You then wake up at the start of the same evening.”
ME: “You now have to use the knowledge of what you know is going to happen, to change the outcome and break the loop.”
ME: “The loop lasts twelve minutes. The game is in real-time and everything happens in your apartment.”
ME: “Oh, and the game takes about 6 hours to complete…if you are good at puzzle games.”

YOU: “So if you last twelve minutes and stop the cop you win the game?”
ME: “Oh no, the cop arrives about four minutes into the loop.”
ME: “It’s like if Bill Murray was getting killed at breakfast in Groundhog day.”
ME: “If he managed to survive he would then realize the loop actually lasts 24 hours and resets no matter what.”
YOU: “Oh…I see.”
YOU: “So what is the objective? How do I know when I have ‘won’ the game?”
ME: “The game never tells you what to do.”
ME: “There are no clear objectives, the idea is that you do what you believe is the right thing to ‘fix’ the loop.”

How does it play?

Kinda Funny played it for a few loops while I provide some development comments:


Giant Bomb also had a go at it! Different playthrough and even more loops:

When is it coming out?

Hopefully soon.


Who is doing it?

 TWELVE MINUTES is currently being developed by Luis Antonio.  

I was born in Portugal, moved to London to work at Rockstar Games as an Environment and Character artist and later moved to Canada to work at Ubisoft as Lead Artist and eventually Art Director.
Unfulfilled by the current state of the mainstream video games industry, I’ve joined Jonathan Blow to work on “The Witness”.
Inspired by the indie community and the talent around me I finally decided to learn how to program and create the project I’ve dreamed for over 6 years.
This is my first personal project and its currently at a prototype stage.


 Is it any good?

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