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We are looking for an experienced 3D Animator, to be responsible for editing, tweaking and exporting recorded motion capture data (in Motion Builder) to our game engine (Unity).
This person would also be responsible for skinning character models in 3Ds Max that use a Biped rig and sometimes create rough prototype animation for previz before we record further mocap data.
This is a remote contract position, with a flexible schedule and you must be comfortable managing your own time and priorities.

Requirements & Skills:

Comfortable with Motion Builder animation system:

  • Tweaking transitions, foot placement, and other small adjustments to have mocap data match game environment.
  • Adding custom hand poses
  • Understanding the rig hierarchy and setting up custom root motion.

Experienced with 3Ds Max Biped and animation system:

  • Using Biped to create rough animation ideas (to be motion captured later).
  • Skin characters to the Biped Rig.


Comfortable with Unity Mecanim Animator:

  • Importing animations
  • Using curves, events and editing transitions in Mecanim.

If interested, please send an email to